Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, I'm not ready for winter yet. Even though it was chilly, Kian and I went out and played the other day. He really gets tired of being cooped up inside.

Oh yeah, I just got done putting him to bed. My FAVORITE thing he currently does, is when I'm rocking him in the dark. He takes out his binkie and looks up at me and gives me a wide open kiss. (on his own, I didn't ask). It's just SOOO sweet. Awww.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Been a while.

So, here's a few recent pictures. Last weekend we went to my inlaws so Daniel and his dad could hunt deer. Unfortunately, they didn't have any luck. So, this weekend they are at it again.. I really hope they get one, it would be a blow to the ego if they don't!

Kian playing in the workshop.

This is my favorite picture! Kian loves his grandpa, and granny too. But, it's funny because his cousins Keara and Easton are just obsessed with their granny. Well, Kian is just in love with his grandpa. He loves to play in his workshop. I think he might be like his daddy.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Few Halloween pictures.....

One of the neighbor's homes we went trick or treating. Kian was on TV as well! KMTV had a crew on our street and filmed many kids that night. Kian was filmed while "waddling" down the sidewalk.
Isn't my sister's costume great? She's a "pin up" girl.

Here's Kian with Holden and Pierce, who are Stephanie's fiance's sons..

Kian with his cousin Easton

I'm a penguin!!

We went to a Halloween party a couple days before the actual day. My friend Erin had it for all her friends and family with kids. I dressed up in Daniel's hunting gear for the occasion.