Friday, July 14, 2006


It's quite hot out, like 90 some degrees. So, basically it's stay inside or get in a pool. Tomorrow or sunday we're going to head out to a lake to swim and cool off. It's just too darned hot to do anything else. Tomorrow morning we're going to try to go downtown to a farmers market. I love those!! My garden is growing. We have baby tomatoes!! Lots of fresh herbs. I can't wait until my tomaters get big and I can make a salad with basil, tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese. YUMMY!
In 1 1/2 weeks we head out to Vegas! Yippee! We are going with our friends Brian and Lisa. It should be a fantastic time! We'll be staying at the Mirage, which I'm totally looking forward to.

Well, I'm on month 2 of metformin for my tx of my PAI-1 blood clotting disorder. I really need to get in to see my local doctor and figure out a plan of attack to get preggo. It's only been nearly 4 years of trying. I think I've been waiting long enough!

Well, here's a picture of some banana crumb muffins I made the other day. they were delicious!!!!!!!!!